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Welcome to Software For Worship!  Please don't hesitate to look around, and feel free to ask questions - we're happy to answer.  If it's 'Sing And Read' you're after, then head over to the 'Products' section.

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'Sing And Read 2' goes FREE too!

After years of Sing And Read 1 being FREE, now Sing And Read 2 is completely FREE too!  Now you can get full use of a dual screen setup, for a more professional result.  Click here!

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Exploring Sing And Read

View images or SAR in action, and listen to SAR being featured on 2 broadcasts on BBC Radio.  Also, now you can read comments from those who have tried SAR and see a list of countries that have already downloaded the trial! Head into the 'Sing And Read' section now!

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'Sing And Read' goes FREE

As of right now, 'Sing And Read' v.1 is officially FREE!  That's right - get your copy now - head on over to the 'Sing And Read' section!

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'Sing And Read 2' is completed

'Sing And Read 2', specialising in twin-monitor display is now finished, offering seamless and invisibly operated projection.  This deluxe version of Sing And Read offers you the ease of having one monitor for use of your operator, and a SECOND monitor for projecting only those things you wish displayed.  Please see the 'Sing And Read' section under 'Products' on the left.

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Our Mission

Software For Worship was designed to use the frontier of technology to aid worship, using the abilities now available.  We hope this will be recognised globally.

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