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Sing And Read
Sing And Read 2

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SFW has created 'Sing And Read' and 'Sing And Read 2' - the DELUXE version of 'Sing And Read'.  Learn more here ...

Sing and Read

Sing And Read is the first program (as far as we know) to combine the abilities to display song words on a screen/TV AND to display scripture using "The OnLine Bible" (tm).
If you're after this sort of program, or just wondering what it could do for YOU ... try it out!  Just click on the "Sing And Read" button on the left, or just click here.

Sing and Read 2

Sing And Read 2 is the new DELUXE version of Sing And Read - featuring twin monitor support for completely professional presentation!  It's all just as simple and easy to use as Sing And Read, it just uses extra equipment to make life even better!  Just click on the "Sing And Read 2" button on the left, or just click here.


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