uses 2 monitors!


One great restriction on "Sing And Read" was that everything that appears on the PC's monitor must also appear on the big screen(s).  Not now!  "Sing And Read 2" uses 2 monitors!


Windows 98 and 2000 have introduced the power to use up to 9 monitors with any program!!  The only restriction is that you need a separate graphics card for each monitor and all the graphics cards must be identical.  So if you have Windows 98 or 2000 and can add a second monitor and card, then you can use the new "Sing And Read 2".


"Sing And Read 2” has new features that make a simple system into a beautifully simple system!  Speed has been increased, the first lines of verses are listed and can be used to jump straight there, every option is in front of the operator all the time on a new control panel, and the display is just the words that are wanted, with nothing else at the top or bottom.  All the buttons and song lists etc. appear on the second monitor.


You will really like the difference!


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ă Peter Morgan, author of “Sing And Read” song and scripture projection software.   20 May 2000


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