"Sing And Read" version 1.5.1 has now been released.  You can get a free copy from the SFW web site –  If you already have a recent version (not a beta test version), then you will only need to take the small update file.


Please please do look at the README file that accompanies all the "Sing And Read" releases.  This and the online Help file "Advanced.rtf" are the only documentation and will hopefully answer most questions.


Improvements included in "Sing And Read" 1.5.1 include:

A new preview window to help you select a song from a large collection, while building a sequence for a meeting.

Less screen flickering during start-up.

Less screen flickering while moving around the songs.

Price reduction to zero!

Introduction of "Sing And Read 2", with new features that make a simple system into a beautifully simple system!  For details, see SAR Release 2.0.6.doc.


Previous improvements were:

When in the "Sing And Read" blank "Wait" screen, there is now a new button (and short cut key) that will redisplay the previous song, even if this was not one of the pre-selected sequence.

A few of the buttons have been given better texts and different short cut keys.

The "F" function keys, that are short cuts to the sequence of songs, can now be used from more screens, including the initial main menu.

The "Sing And Read" utility for loading new songs from disc will now work with any TXT file in any folder in a floppy disc or a hard drive.


Other improvements which were included in earlier upgrades include the facility to print the whole list of song titles, a song sequence, or any song (in its display format).


One option that I have not introduced is the facility to put video behind the song words.  My experience is that clarity is a key feature.  My aim is to get the song words displayed with maximum clarity, with the maximum practical size.  I have tried changing text colours, and this option is available in the system.  But folk didn't like it when I did it!  The words were not so clear.  Even the BBC, with all their technical resources, do not mix song words with pictures.  When they broadcast services and want to show the words of hymns, they show them in a separate strip at the bottom of the screen.  This is possible with "Sing And Read" and a simple video mixer.  But it greatly reduces the font size that you can use for the display of the words.  So I consider that you would need a huge screen or a small hall for this approach to be practical.


If you want to get the upgrade to version 1.5.1 but cannot download it from the SFW web site, then please tell us by sending an email to peter and we will try to send you a copy in whatever format you require.


ă Peter Morgan, author of “Sing And Read” song and scripture projection software.   21 June 2000


More details may be obtained from:

Peter Morgan,    Email peter ,              Tel (44) 0117 9863991