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“Sing And Read” was the first software package to provide all that a church meeting needs for songs, scriptures and liturgies.  As the author, I tried to produce a tool that would provide a good reliable display, be flexible, be simple to operate and be simple to extend.  I wanted to bring 21st century computer technology within the reach of any group. It was around five years ago that I began dreaming about this. I started programming it three years ago.  Our church has been using the developing versions every Sunday for the last two years.


Now I want it to be used by many more.  So I am giving it away!


More Background Info:


At Software For Worship, the aim has always been to serve the church worldwide.


I started by charging for a license to use the software, in an attempt to cover my costs, but the trial version that I was giving away from our Internet web site is so good that it could be used as it is, with only a little inconvenience.


Although I am now going to give it away, I have kept the privilege to charge for one aspect of the software.  This is the dual screen version.  It has involved a lot of further development.  It requires MS Windows 98 or 2000 and is like a luxury edition.  The extra display space provides for a full choice of all the options available and enables the next planned item to be prepared in advance.  It is even simpler to use than the already simple standard edition, and permits an even quicker response to those announcements from the minister that “We shall now sing the second verse again” …


To find out more:


To find out more about the software, and to download the full version, anyone may go to our web site, which we have shared with some other software professionals who are serving the church worldwide.


ã Peter Morgan, author of “Sing And Read” song and scripture projection software.   20 May 2000


More details may be obtained from:

Peter Morgan,    Email peter at melted dot com,           Tel (44) 0117 9863991





Crowham Road Baptist Church, South London, UK

“Ian, our operator, is the only one smiling as he was the only one that knew what was going on! That shot also shows the use to which we now put our hymn books …. propping up the projector!”