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SAR and beta software

The technical support group announced today that users of Sing and Read should be cautious about obtaining and installing beta versions of any software. Mr. Peter Morgan, Technical Services Director of SFW, the owners and developers of Sing and Read, said today,

"Many computer users do not know what beta software is and who should be using it. Beta versions are those that are in development and are for testing purposes only. Only those computer users that are expert with testing software should attempt to install and use beta versions. In addition, under no circumstances should they be installed on mission critical systems, that is, computers that are used regularly by an organization which are needed to accomplish tasks that are important to meeting the organization's goals."

SFW reminds users of Sing and Read that failure to follow this rudimentary rule could cause data loss and/or severe difficulties with Sing and Read and/or other mission critical software. SFW cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any interruptions, disablement and/or or other damages to computer hardware and/or software, including Sing and Read and any of its installed components and/or options, should any beta software or unlicensed (pirated) software be installed on a mission critical computer system. Further, SFW cannot be held responsible and/or liable for loss of use of any computer and/or other asset(s) or properties or any other consequential damages when any beta software is installed on mission critical systems and/or users of Sing and Read fail to heed the advice and warnings of the technical support group.

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